The complete Thematic resources list

Wordle: listHey, I would like to show you a complete list of all the resources somehow related to Thematic.

Of course, the first source is, home of Thematic Framework per WordPress. is Ian Stewart‘s website, and provides a good start for listing resources related to Thematic.

Here you can find a list of available child themes: there are (while writing) 21 free child themes on the Thematic Child Themes page, so please take a look.

There’s also a Store on ThemeShaper: 3 professional child themes are ready for download, starting at $16.

And how to forget about ThemeShaper Forum? It’s a very active forum, you can find there any answer about Thematic. The most active user on the forum is Chris Gossmann, one of the main developers behind this framework.

Chris is going to launch a new website where he will collect every post related to Thematic, I will keep you informed about it.

The latest version of Thematic is available for download at WordPress Themes Directory but you can also download nightly builds from Thematic Page on Google Code. Chris wrote a good article about this: How to get the latest SVN copy of Thematic (a translation in italian is available here).

The Thematic community is constantly growing. There are a lot of websites with posts about Thematic: I will list them at the bottom of the page.

Are you on Twitter? Well, Thematic is on Twitter too: you can search for the hashtag #thematicwp or take a look at the sidebar, where the latest related tweets are listed.

Update: there is a new website called Thematic Gallery. It shows websites built on Thematic!

And now, the complete list:

Where to download Thematic

Where to download child themes

Where to find support


Other websites

on Twitter

Sorry in advance if I have forgot to mention other resources but feel free to add them in the comments!

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    Thanks for the great and useful collection of links! I need some good links like these..

  2. Pubblicato 1 luglio 2009 alle 10:23 | Link Permanente

    Well Done! And thanks for the mention.
    I guess lot of new resources are coming out. We all should keep updated this useful resource list.