Aether Child Theme for Thematic

NOTA BENE: supporto non disponibile per questo child theme!

Aether e’ un nuovo child theme per Thematic Framework per WordPress 0.9 sviluppato da e

Aether Child Theme for Thematic (click to enlarge)

Scarica Aether child theme.


  • Layout a singola colonna;
  • 11 aree widgets-ready (per una mappa visuale delle aree, vedi: widget-ready areas: a visual map)
  • Ultimo tweet su [twitter] in cima ad ogni pagina, configurabile dalla pagina delle opzioni;
  • Ottimizzato per Wp-Pagenavi plugin;
  • Pronto per i sub-menu’.
  • Inclusi nel pacchetto:
  • file del tema;
  • file in versione PSD del logo.

Compatibile con WordPress 2.7.x con Thematic Framework per WordPress 0.9.

Scarica Aether child theme.PLEASE NOTE: no support is available for this child theme!

Aether is a brand new child theme for Thematic Framework per WordPress 0.9 developed by and

Aether Child Theme for Thematic (click to enlarge)

Download Aether child theme 1.0.


  • Single column layout;
  • 11 widgets-ready areas (for a visual map of these areas please take a look at this article: widget-ready areas: a visual map)
  • Last tweet on Twitter on the top of the pages, settings are available on the options page;
  • Wp-Pagenavi plugin ready;
  • Sub-Menu ready.
  • Package Includes:
    • Theme files;
    • PSD file for the logo.

compatibility: WordPress 2.7.x with Thematic Framework per WordPress 0.9
Download Aether child theme 1.0.

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7 Commenti

  1. Pubblicato 9 aprile 2009 alle 22:29 | Link Permanente

    A wonderful theme, indeed! Thank you!

    Two questions:

    1. Can we set the theme options to allow for more than one Twitter account to be displayed (when, for instance, a blog has multiple authors)?

    2. My page menu seems to be shifted to the right in FF3.1b3 on Windows (link above). Any idea what might be causing that?

  2. Pubblicato 9 aprile 2009 alle 23:43 | Link Permanente

    1) I can’t answer right now; please come back later!
    2) Open your style.css and look for this CSSs elector: #access
    then overwrite all the rules with this snippet of code:
    #access {
    background:transparent none repeat scroll 0 0;
    border:medium none;
    margin:0 auto;

    Now the menu will be centered.

    Hope it helps.

  3. Pubblicato 10 aprile 2009 alle 14:07 | Link Permanente

    Excellent! That did the trick. I played with the numbers a little, though — “width:600px” did a better job of centering it just right. Thanks!

    Will eagerly await a Twitter function update!

  4. Pubblicato 25 luglio 2009 alle 16:58 | Link Permanente

    Hello Danny
    a wonderful work – as always :)
    Only to confirm: we don’t use primary and secondary aside in this theme. This is correct?
    all the best
    joao barroca

  5. Pubblicato 26 luglio 2009 alle 17:59 | Link Permanente

    Hello Joao! Yes: neither primary nor secondary asides are available on this theme!

  6. joao barroca
    Pubblicato 27 luglio 2009 alle 15:57 | Link Permanente

    Hello Danny
    thanks !

  7. Pubblicato 6 ottobre 2009 alle 19:32 | Link Permanente

    Thanks for this theme! Really appreciate it! :)