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How to create your own WordPress Theme in just 3 hours – part I

So You Want To Create WordPress Themes, Huh? This can be a quite challenging job. As Ian Stewart wrote on his post, modern themes needs a lot of features to be real good ones. But working on a Framework Theme, as Thematic or Hybrid, can be a valid solution to build a customized WordPress theme […]

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RXN Child Theme

Welcome to RXN 0.3.5 page. RXN is a for 0.9.6 for and is engineered to be highly customizable via options page. This project is an open project, everyone can contribute with ideas and/or code (and a final release Theme name !!!). Please, download RXN and give it a try, I need your feedback! For suggestions […]

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Usiamo i filtri nei child theme per WordPress

In questo articolo vedremo come usare con profitto i Filtri nel nostro child theme per WordPress.

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@import in style.css di Thematic

Tempo fa parlavamo dell’ impatto sulle prestazioni usando la modalita’ @import per i nostri file CSS: vediamo come utilizzare questa conoscenza al meglio con Thematic.

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Escludiamo una categoria da Thematic

Con Thematic è molto semplice escludere delle categorie dal loop di WordPress.

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